Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #25

By Larry Billinger

Prepare for another thrilling installment in our ongoing saga of exploration with “Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #25.” Once again, we put your geographical knowledge and detective skills to the test. With no initial clues, this challenge is for those who dare to navigate the unknown and reveal the hidden secrets of our satellite image.

The Challenge:

A new satellite image awaits your discerning eye. Can you unravel the mystery of its location with no starting clues?


  • Day 1: None. Trust in your seasoned skills and intuition to guide you.
  • Clue 1: You can go Sasquatch searching here.


  • No Initial Clues: Embark on this challenge relying solely on your expertise.
  • No Reverse Image Search: Honor the spirit of fair play by not using reverse image search engines.
  • One Entry Per Participant: Dedicate your efforts to making one definitive guess.
  • Accuracy Counts: Only precise coordinates will lead to victory.
  • Valid Entries: Remember, only comments submitted on the blog will be acknowledged.

Leaderboard Update:

Massive congratulations to Kenny W for yet another win! The leaderboard has been updated to highlight his impressive streak:

RankNameNumber of Wins
1Kenny W9
3Deborah M2
4Christina C1
4David G1
4Mike M1
4Jacob W1

How to Enter:

  1. Identify the Image: Stay alert for the release of the satellite image on our blog.
  2. Locate the Coordinates: Channel your inner cartographer to find the exact GPS coordinates.
  3. Post on the Blog:
    • Proceed to the ‘Satellite Sleuths’ contest page.
    • Enter your coordinates in the comments, including your name.
    • Hit ‘Post Comment’ to submit your guess.
  4. Await the Outcome: The first correct answer will be crowned the winner on our blog.

The Reward:

The champion of GPS Challenge #25 will earn a celebrated position on our leaderboard and the esteemed title of Satellite Sleuth champion.

Are you ready to take on this latest challenge and see if you can dethrone Kenny W? Who will be the next to decipher the hidden location in Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #25?

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