Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #23


Welcome to a new and thrilling installment of our geographical exploration series – “Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #23.” This challenge comes with a twist – your journey begins with a clue. Prepare your maps and sharpen your wits, as we bring this round’s mystery location closer to home.

The Challenge:

This time, the satellite image showcases a location within Saline County, Kansas. Can you find the exact spot depicted in our satellite image?


  • Day 1: Saline County, Kansas: Your search area is narrowed down to this specific county. Use your best detective skills to identify the location.


  • Starting Clue Provided: Kick off the challenge with the hint that the location is in Saline County, Kansas.
  • No Reverse Image Search: As always, reverse image searches are not allowed to ensure fairness.
  • One Entry Per Participant: Concentrate your efforts on one well-informed guess.
  • Accuracy is Imperative: Correct coordinates are essential for victory.
  • Valid Entries: Entries must be submitted as comments on the blog to be considered.

Leaderboard Update:

Congratulations to Kenneth W for another win, tying him for first place on our leaderboard! Here’s the updated standings:

RankNameNumber of Wins
1Kenneth W7
2Deborah M2
3Christina C1
3David G1
3Mike M1
3Jacob W1

How to Enter:

  1. Identify the Image: Watch for the satellite image to be posted on our blog.
  2. Pinpoint the Coordinates: Utilizing the clue, locate the GPS coordinates within Saline County, Kansas.
  3. Post on the Blog:
    • Head over to the ‘Satellite Sleuths’ contest page.
    • Leave your guess in the comments, along with your name.
    • Click ‘Post Comment’ to submit your entry.
  4. Wait for the Winner to Be Revealed: The first correct entry will be announced as the winner on our blog.

The Reward:

The winner of GPS Challenge #23 will not only claim a top spot on our leaderboard but also earn the title of a master Satellite Sleuth.

Dive into this unique challenge with a helpful starting clue. Who will uncover the hidden location in Saline County, Kansas, and make their mark in Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #23?

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