Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #33


By Larry Billinger

Welcome to “Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #33,” where the vast and mysterious depths of the ocean await your discovery. With a new satellite image and a clue to guide your journey, this challenge promises to test your navigational prowess. Can you pinpoint the hidden location amidst the endless blue?

The Challenge:

This round’s satellite image is set in the ocean. Your task is to unravel the location’s secrets and determine exactly where it is.


  • In the Ocean: The challenge location is somewhere within the vast expanses of the world’s oceans.
  • Day 2: Pacific.
  • Day 3: Try the Middle


  • Oceanic Clue Provided: Let the knowledge that the location is in the ocean be your starting point.
  • No Reverse Image Search: Maintain the integrity of the challenge by refraining from using reverse image searches.
  • One Entry Per Participant: Dedicate your guess to a single, well-thought-out entry.
  • Accuracy Matters: The precision of your coordinates is essential for success.
  • Valid Entries: Ensure your submission is made through a comment on the blog to count.

Leaderboard Update:

Deborah M has claimed victory in the last challenge, further shaking up the leaderboard. Here’s the updated standings:

RankNameNumber of Wins
1Kenny W11
3Deborah M3
4Mark S2
4Christina C2
5David G1
5Mike M1
5Jacob W1

How to Enter:

  1. Examine the Image: Keep an eye on our blog for the unveiling of the satellite image.
  2. Locate the Coordinates: With the ocean as your clue, use your mapping skills to find the GPS coordinates.
  3. Post on the Blog:
    • Navigate to the ‘Satellite Sleuths’ contest page.
    • Enter your coordinates and name in the comment section.
    • Hit ‘Post Comment’ to submit your entry.
  4. Wait for the Results: The first to accurately identify the oceanic location will be declared the winner on our blog.

The Reward:

The winner of GPS Challenge #33 will ascend the leaderboard and be celebrated as a master of maritime Satellite Sleuthing.

Embark on this oceanic adventure. Who will navigate the waters successfully and uncover the location in Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #33?

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