“Now and Then” – The Beatles’ New Song Unpacked


By Larry Billinger

A Song About Missing Someone

The Beatles’ new song “Now and Then” talks about how we feel when we miss someone a lot. It tells us about a person who has changed the singer’s life. The singer hopes to keep this person close always.

Understanding the Heart of the Song

When John Lennon sings, “And now and then, if we must start again, well, we will know for sure, that I will love you,” he’s saying that even if they have to begin their friendship or relationship over many times, his love will always stay strong. It’s like promising to always care for someone, no matter what changes or challenges come up.

Wishing for Someone to Be There

The chorus, where John and Paul sing together, “Now and then, I miss you… I want you to be there for me,” shows how they want this person’s support and company. It’s like when you wish your best friend or family member could always be by your side to share in your life’s big moments and even the normal days.

Love Lasts Through Time

Throughout the song, the idea that love doesn’t fade away with time comes up a lot. Even when people are apart, the love they share keeps going. The Beatles are sharing a message that the bond with someone you care about is so strong that it can handle being stretched over time and distance.

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