Unraveling the Lyrics: A.I. Deciphers a Milqtoast!


By Larry Billinger

So, there’s this song by the band Helmet, from the album “Betty,” and I’ve always thought the lyrics were kind of a puzzle. I assumed they didn’t really mean anything specific – they were just words strung together. But then, I had this idea: what if I put these lyrics into an AI and see what it comes up with? So, I did, and here’s what the AI thinks!


Tell me if you think it’s all right
I’ll give in to what you know
I don’t see the habits that
Become me
I’ve saved up my useless thoughts

Well means, it works I’m on your side
I said that? well so, I lied
remember I tried not to be wary
This failed me once too much

Well preserved
Don’t forget what you heard

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Page Nye Hamilton
Milquetoast lyrics © BMG Rights Management

The Lyrics and Their Meaning?

The song says, “Tell me if you think it’s all right, I’ll give in to what you know. I don’t see the habits that become me, I’ve saved up my useless thoughts.”

The AI thinks this might mean the singer is asking someone if it’s okay to just go along with what they think or believe. It’s like the singer can’t see his own habits and is keeping all his thoughts to himself, even if he thinks they are useless.

Then it goes, “Well means, it works, I’m on your side, I said that? Well, so, I lied. Remember, I tried not to be wary, This failed me once too much.”

Here, the AI thinks the singer is saying he’s on someone’s side but then admits he wasn’t being truthful about it. He wasn’t being cautious or careful, but it seems like being this way didn’t work for him before.

Lastly, “Unrecognized, Well preserved, Don’t forget what you heard,” could mean feeling ignored but still keeping true to oneself. The singer is telling us not to forget the message in the song.

What Did I Learn?

I always thought these words didn’t really mean much, but the AI’s thoughts made me think again! It seems like this song could be about having problems, maybe with oneself or with others. It could be about trying to understand other people’s thoughts and opinions and struggling with one’s own thoughts and actions.

The feeling of being “Unrecognized” but “Well preserved” is like feeling invisible but still staying strong and being oneself. And “Don’t forget what you heard,” seems like the singer wants us to remember his words and the message of the song.

Wrapping It Up

So, it turns out, the song might have a deeper meaning than I thought! It’s kind of like a journey into someone’s thoughts and emotions, making us reflect on our own experiences and feelings. Music is like a cool puzzle, and every song has a story to tell. The AI helped in unraveling this story, and it was pretty fun to think about what this song could really mean. And, you know, there’s no wrong answer when we try to understand music – it’s all about what it means to you!

This is the cover art for the album Betty by the artist Helmet. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the label, Interscope, or the graphic artist(s). Album cover for Helmet‘s Betty

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