Exciting News! Oktoberfest in Hays, Kansas is Here Today!


By Larry Billinger

Hey Kids and Families! Guess what? Today is the day for the super fun Oktoberfest in Hays, Kansas! If you remember, my family and I went last year, and we had such a blast! It’s happening again, and it’s going to be even more fun!

Yummy Foods!

Last year, I tried every type of bierocks sold. Bierocks are yummy bread pockets filled with meat, cabbage, and sometimes cheese! Some were really, really tasty, and some were just okay, but all were super yummy! There’s going to be lots of other great food too!

Fun Games and Cool Music!

There will be lots of games for you to play and win prizes! We can play the Pumpkin Pass, the German Freeze Game, and even the Pumpkin Rolling Contest! And guess what? There will be lots of cool music to dance to! Bands like the Joe Dolezal Band and Rice County Line will be there to play some tunes!

Learning is Fun!

At Oktoberfest, we also get to learn cool things about the German Russians who live in Ellis County! The Volga German Centennial Association will tell us interesting stories about them!

Bring Your Family and Friends!

So, come along and bring your friends and family! Let’s make cool memories, eat yummy food, play fun games, and dance to some awesome music together!


Where: Municipal Park, Hays
When: Today!
Time: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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