Reaction Blog of Vlog: “I Tried Food From Every State In America”


By Larry Billinger
I hit the jackpot on YouTube—a culinary treasure map charting a course to the quintessential bites of all 50 states. And there it was, my ancestral hero—the bierock of Kansas! It’s a snack I’ve serenaded right here on this blog, wrapped in doughy love. My pulse raced; would Montana’s famed dish, wrapped in nine years of my memories, hold a candle to it?

Each state presents its plate, from Utah’s comforting Funeral Potatoes to the zesty kick of New Mexico’s Green Chili Cheeseburger. Are you ready to join me on a hunger-inducing adventure? Just click the handy timestamps to teleport your taste buds directly to any state’s culinary spotlight. Dive fork-first into this feast for the senses. On your marks, get set… devour!

  1. Utah – Funeral Potatoes (Watch in Video)
  2. New Jersey – Pork Roll Breakfast Sandwich (Watch in Video)
  3. Ohio – Cincinnati Style Chili (Watch in Video)
  4. Minnesota – Tater Tot Hot Dish (Watch in Video)
  5. Oklahoma – Fried Onion Burger (Watch in Video)
  6. New Mexico – Green Chili Cheeseburger (Watch in Video)
  7. Wisconsin – Fried Cheese Curds (Watch in Video)
  8. West Virginia – Pepperoni Roll (Watch in Video)
  9. North Carolina – Pulled Pork Sandwich with Lexington Style Barbecue Sauce (Watch in Video)
  10. Hawaii – Spam Musubi (Watch in Video)
  11. Wyoming – Elk Steak (Watch in Video)
  12. Texas – Smoked Brisket (Watch in Video)
  13. Washington – Cedar Plank Salmon (Watch in Video)
  14. Arkansas – Biscuits with Chocolate Gravy (Watch in Video)
  15. Missouri – Toasted Ravioli (Watch in Video)
  16. Nevada – Shrimp Cocktail (Watch in Video)
  17. Delaware – Scrapple (Watch in Video)
  18. Rhode Island – Calamari (Watch in Video)
  19. South Dakota – Chislic (Watch in Video)
  20. North Dakota – Knoephla Soup (Watch in Video)
  21. Alabama – Barbecue Chicken with White Barbecue Sauce (Watch in Video)
  22. Virginia – Country Ham Biscuit (Watch in Video)
  23. Iowa – Iowa Chop (Watch in Video)
  24. Indiana – Pork Tenderloin Sandwich (Watch in Video)
  25. Alaska – Smoked Salmon Spread (Watch in Video)
  26. Michigan – Pasty (Watch in Video)
  27. Colorado – Pork Chili Verde Stew (Watch in Video)
  28. Maine – Lobster Roll (Watch in Video)
  29. Connecticut – New Haven Pizza (Abitza) (Watch in Video)
  30. Tennessee – Nashville Hot Chicken (Watch in Video)
  31. Louisiana – Gumbo (Watch in Video)
  32. Mississippi – Fried Catfish with Comeback Sauce (Watch in Video)
  33. Florida – Cuban Sandwich (Watch in Video)
  34. Massachusetts – Clam Chowder (New England Clam Chowder) (Watch in Video)
  35. Kentucky – Hot Brown (Watch in Video)
  36. Idaho – Battered Steak Fingers (Watch in Video)
  37. Kansas – Bierock (Watch in Video)
  38. Nebraska – Runza (Watch in Video)
  39. Georgia – Lemon Pepper Wet Wings (Watch in Video)
  40. New York – Pizza (Watch in Video)
  41. Montana – Huckleberry Pie (Watch in Video)
  42. Arizona – Sonoran Dog (Bacon-Wrapped Deep Fried Hot Dog) (Watch in Video)
  43. South Carolina – Shrimp and Grits (Watch in Video)
  44. New Hampshire – Apple Cider Donuts (Watch in Video)
  45. Maryland – Crab Cakes (Watch in Video)
  46. Pennsylvania – Philly Cheesesteak (Watch in Video)
  47. Oregon – Marionberry Pie (Watch in Video)
  48. Illinois – Italian Beef Sandwich (Watch in Video)
  49. Vermont – Maple Creemee (Maple Creamy) (Watch in Video)
  50. California – California Burrito (Watch in Video)

Don’t forget to chime in with your top picks or share the tastes of your hometown! What’s cooking in your corner of America?”

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