Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #13


By Larry Billinger

Prepare for another round of thrilling geographical discovery with “Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #13.” This challenge is all about testing your natural sleuthing abilities. With no clues provided at the start, are you ready to showcase your skill in unraveling the secret location hidden in our satellite image?

The Challenge:

We’ve selected a captivating satellite image for this round. Your mission, should you accept it, is to determine the exact location in the image using only your keen observation and geographical knowledge.


  • Day 1: None. This challenge relies on your pure detective skills and geographical expertise.
  • Day 2: This place is very “worth” visiting.
  • Day 3: Today’s clue is brought to you by the letters L’s.
  • Day 5: 2,352.60 Chinese Yuan converted to USD.


  • No Initial Clues: We’re starting off with no clues to ramp up the challenge.
  • No Reverse Image Search: Using reverse image search engines is prohibited to ensure a fair challenge.
  • One Entry Per Participant: Limit yourself to just one entry.
  • Accuracy is Key: Double-check your coordinates for precision.
  • Valid Entries: Only comments posted on the blog will be considered valid entries.

How to Enter:

  1. Examine the Image: The satellite image will be posted on our blog. Study it carefully.
  2. Find the Coordinates: Employ your mapping tools and intuition to locate the GPS coordinates.
  3. Post on the Blog:
    • Visit the ‘Satellite Sleuths’ contest page on our blog.
    • Enter the GPS coordinates and your name or username in the comment section.
    • Click ‘Post Comment’ to submit your guess.
  4. Eagerly Await the Outcome: The first correct answer wins and will be declared on our blog.

The Reward:

The GPS Challenge #13 winner will be acclaimed as a Satellite Sleuth, gaining both bragging rights and recognition from our community.

Dive into this challenge and let your natural geographical instincts take the lead. Who will crack the location first in Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #13?

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