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By Larry Billinger

Gather around LB for LB blog readers for a tale of culinary adventure and family delight. Last Thursday, I embarked on a journey into the heart of comfort food, armed with an AI-crafted recipe, and emerged victorious with a pot of the most delicious American Goulash. A dish that turned a regular evening into a cherished family memory.

A Dish of Firsts and Seconds

My children, unfamiliar with the wonders of goulash, eyed their bowls with curiosity. This classic dish, often a staple in cafeterias, had somehow never made its way to our dinner table. Inspired by friends and hospital cafeteria servings, I decided it was high time to introduce my family to this hearty, one-pot wonder.

The Verdict? Seconds, Please!

The response? Overwhelming! Every spoonful was a blend of rich flavors and comforting warmth. The ground beef, elbow macaroni, and the harmonious meld of tomatoes and spices created a symphony of taste that had everyone reaching for seconds. It’s not every day a dish receives such unanimous praise!

AI’s Culinary Genius

Credit where credit’s due – this recipe was a gift from artificial intelligence. Skeptical? I was too, until the flavors spoke for themselves. The AI, with its vast culinary knowledge, crafted a recipe that was both simple to follow and bursting with flavor.

You’ve Got to Try This!

To all my LB for LB blog readers, I cannot recommend this recipe enough. Whether you’re a goulash veteran or a curious first-timer, this dish is sure to win hearts and appetites. Without further ado, here’s the recipe that brought joy to my family’s dinner table:

American Goulash Recipe


  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 (15 oz) can of tomato sauce
  • 1 (14.5 oz) can of diced tomatoes
  • 2 cups beef broth
  • 2 cups elbow macaroni, uncooked
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
  • Shredded cheddar cheese (optional, for serving)


  1. Brown the Beef: In a large pot or Dutch oven, brown the ground beef over medium heat. Add the chopped onion and minced garlic to the pot and cook until the onion is translucent and the beef is no longer pink.
  2. Add Tomatoes and Seasonings: Stir in the tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, soy sauce, paprika, Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper. Mix well.
  3. Simmer the Goulash: Add the beef broth and bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Cook the Pasta: Add the uncooked elbow macaroni to the pot. Cover and simmer for about 15 minutes, or until the pasta is tender. Stir occasionally to prevent the pasta from sticking.
  5. Serve: Once the pasta is cooked and the sauce has thickened, remove the pot from heat. Serve the goulash hot, topped with shredded cheddar cheese if desired.

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