Book Review: “The Warrior Poet Way” by John Lovell


By Larry Billinger


When a coworker introduced me to John Lovell’s “The Warrior Poet Way”, I hadn’t heard of the author. However, after delving into the book, I felt compelled to recommend it to several peers.


John Lovell isn’t just the founder of the Warrior Poet Society; he’s also an ex-Army Ranger. In his daring book, he brings attention to the shifting societal views on masculinity and calls men to action. Using a mix of military tales, insightful interviews, and hands-on exercises, he passionately urges men to merge their inner warrior and poet. By doing so, he believes men can achieve a balance of strength and tenderness. In today’s world, where influential male figures are in demand, Lovell’s manual attempts to bridge the gap.

My Take

Every year, my wife reads Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,” leading me to seek a male-authored counterpart. Lovell’s male and familial perspective intrigued me. Though I didn’t connect with every topic—the sections on guns and prepping didn’t grab my attention—I appreciated his insights on family roles and men as protectors.

Yet, one particular story gave us pause. During a road trip, my wife narrated an episode from the book where Lovell showed his young son his own bleeding wound, aiming to teach resilience. This approach startled both of us, hinting at “toxic masculinity.” Nevertheless, the majority of Lovell’s insights, especially for those familiar with military life, struck a chord.


Despite its occasional provocative moments, “The Warrior Poet Way” offers substantial insights. For men looking to navigate the complex terrain of modern masculinity, this book, through Lovell’s lens, might just be the guide they need. It invites readers to reflect deeply and challenges them to align with Lovell’s vision.

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