Wildcats Charge to Victory: TCU Horned Frogs Trampled in Manhattan Showdown

Photo capturing a pivotal moment in the game: Wildcats' Jayce Brown making a spectacular catch with TCU defenders trying to stop him. The excited crowd in the background is a sea of purple.

By Larry Billinger

The Kansas State Wildcats unequivocally demonstrated their prowess against the TCU Horned Frogs. Consequently, they secured a resounding victory with a scoreline of 41-3. The roaring crowd, numbering 52,580 fans at the Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium, witnessed the Wildcats’ cohesive gameplay that consistently posed challenges for the Horned Frogs.

Shining Stars on Offense

Will Howard (Kansas State):

n particular, Will Howard stood out, leading the Wildcats with precision. He completed 10 out of 16 passes, amassing 154 yards, and impressively threw 3 touchdowns. Furthermore, his quarterback rating (QBR) of 97.6 is a testament to his exceptional performance.

Avery Johnson (Kansas State):

Similarly, young Avery Johnson showcased his growing confidence on the field. He successfully completed 5 out of 10 passes for 90 yards and clinched a touchdown. His commendable QBR of 91.6 further highlights his potential.

Jayce Brown (Kansas State):

On the receiving end, Jayce Brown was equally impactful. He managed to catch 4 passes for 88 yards. Additionally, he scored a significant touchdown, averaging a remarkable 22.0 yards with each reception.

Defensive Wall

Namdi Obiazor (TCU):

On the defensive front for TCU, Namdi Obiazor proved to be a formidable force. He recorded 13 tackles, with a whopping 10 of them being solo. Moreover, his timely sack disrupted the Wildcats’ offensive rhythm.

Millard Bradford (TCU):

Meanwhile, Millard Bradford demonstrated adept defensive skills. He tallied 9 tackles, with 7 of them being solo, indicating his ability to anticipate and read plays effectively.

Jacob Parrish (Kansas State):

For the Wildcats, Jacob Parrish bolstered the defense significantly. He achieved 6 tackles, 5 of which were solo, and deftly defended a pass, thereby thwarting the Horned Frogs from adding to their score.

Coach’s Happy Words

In a post-game press conference, KSU football coach Chris Klieman lauded the fans for creating an electrifying atmosphere, making it “unbelievably loud,” which he believes significantly impacted the game in favor of the Wildcats. He commended his coaching staff for creating phenomenal game plans and applauded his players for executing these plans at a high level throughout the game. The coach was particularly excited about the 587 yards gained with 343 yards rushing, which were significant contributors to the victory. He highlighted the defense’s excellent job in keeping a high-scoring TCU offense at bay. Coach Klieman also praised linebackers like Jake Clifton and key players like Dez Pernell, Will Howard, Avery Johnson, among others for their outstanding performance.

Unbelievably loud

KSU Head Coach Chris Klieman

Looking Forward

Following this monumental win, the Wildcats have solidified their stance in the Big 12 conference. Fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming match against Houston, scheduled for an 11 a.m. kickoff in Manhattan.

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