A humorous and cartoonish scene showing two tacos in a playful battle. One taco, labeled 'Bell', represents Taco Bell and stands triumphantly with a bright and vibrant appearance. The other taco, labeled 'John', represents Taco John's and looks comically defeated, with its toppings exploding out in a dramatic fashion, as if hit by 'Bell'. The background is fun and whimsical, with a Tex-Mex theme. The image is colorful, lighthearted, and clearly distinguishes the two tacos with the labels 'Bell' and 'John' to represent their respective brands.

By Larry Billinger

Crunchy Beginnings: A Taco Tale

“Taco Tuesday” – a phrase as catchy as a mariachi tune, has long been the rallying cry for taco lovers. Originating in 1973, this term became a beloved tradition, celebrated from the sunny beaches of California to the bustling streets of New York.

Trademark Tango: Who Owns Taco Tuesday?

Enter Taco John’s, a Wyoming-based fast food chain, which trademarked “Taco Tuesday” in 1989, excluding New Jersey. Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar held the New Jersey trademark since 1982. This sparked a sizzling debate: Can one really own a day dedicated to tacos?

Taco Bell’s Bold Battle

In 2019, Taco Bell, the titan of Tex-Mex, decided to challenge this. They believed “Taco Tuesday” should be a public domain fiesta, free for all to use. Why? Because when tacos win, we all win!

LeBron’s Crunch Time Contribution

LeBron James, a global icon and taco aficionado, joined the fray, supporting the liberation of “Taco Tuesday.” His influence spiced up the campaign, rallying taco fans nationwide.

The Taco Triumph

In a twist, Taco John’s dropped their trademark, fearing the heat of legal fees. Gregory’s Restaurant followed suit, ending their 40-year trademark hold. Taco Bell declared victory – “Taco Tuesday” was free at last!

Is Taco Bell the New Taco Tuesday Titan?

Contrary to taco gossip, Taco Bell isn’t trying to snag the “Taco Tuesday” trademark for themselves. Their mission? To make “Taco Tuesday” a public celebration, free from trademark ties. Taco Bell believes everyone should enjoy tacos on Tuesday, no strings attached!

Celebrating the Victory: Taco Tab Time!

To celebrate, Taco Bell launched a $5 million Taco Tab on DoorDash. Taco lovers could feast on discounted tacos, supporting local Mexican restaurants. Over 20,000 eateries joined this crunchy crusade.

Tacos for All: A Happy Ending

Today, “Taco Tuesday” is a trademark-free zone in the U.S., a testament to Taco Bell’s commitment to the taco cause. And as for Taco Bell? They continue to throw taco parties, proving that in the world of Tex-Mex, every Tuesday is a fiesta waiting to happen!

That’s the story, folks – a tale of tacos, trademarks, and one big triumph. So next Tuesday, grab a taco, and remember the saga that made it all possible. Viva la Taco Tuesday!

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