Sesame Street: Introducing the Number 2!

can you make a picture 16:9 of big bird from sesame street flying over a car and a giant white liquidy runny bird poop coming out of his rear not mouth splatted all over the car and overflowing onto the road?

By Larry Billinger

Welcome to the Fun-Filled Lane of Sesame Street!

In the warm corners of our minds, Sesame Street is a place full of giggles, lessons, and a bit of silliness. Recently, a conversation started because of our hospital’s daily menu email. What was on the menu? “Sesame Beef Street Tacos.” This strange match led to a crazy thought: did the hospital turn Gladys the Cow, a not-so-famous made-up cow from Sesame Street, into our lunch? Sounds silly, right? But let’s think about that!

Do Sesame Street Characters Do… Everyday Stuff?

This chat quickly changed to being glad it wasn’t “Sesame Chicken Street Tacos.” Then we wondered, is Big Bird even a chicken? What kind of bird is he? Then, the chat really took a turn south. We never see Big Bird or his friends doing normal things like eating, sleeping, or… using the restroom. That’s right, using the restroom. Just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I mean, not TV shows really show their characters going to the John.

But think about Big Bird’s, um, morning business. One thing’s certain, if Big Bird did his “business,” the cars on Sesame Street wouldn’t be so clean. They’d definitely be covered with huge bird messes all over. Imagine trying to wash your car every day! On the other hand, it could be a good job for someone on Sesame Street to clean up. It’d be messy but important work to keep the street looking nice.

In Conclusion

Sesame Street stays a special place where our thoughts can be free and wild. Whether we’re thinking about the daily lives of Muppets or just chuckling about make-believe tacos, this street always reminds us of a simple fact: laughter and learning go together, even in the most silly talks.

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