Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #5


By Larry Billinger

Globetrotters and geography gurus, the stage is set for our most exciting challenge yet! Welcome to “Satellite Sleuths: GPS Challenge #5,” where we go international! This time, your destination is no ordinary place – check the clues below for help finding this location. Are you ready to embark on this global quest?

The Challenge:

A satellite image of the smallest country in terms of land area awaits your keen analysis. Can you identify this unique location with just this clue?


  1. International Focus: The location is outside the United States.
  2. Smallest by Area: The target is the smallest country in the world in terms of land area.

How to Enter:

  1. Examine the Image: Stay tuned for the satellite image post on our blog.
  2. Research and Find the Coordinates: Armed with the clue, use your resources to find the exact GPS coordinates of the location.
  3. Post on the Blog:
    • Navigate to the ‘Satellite Sleuths’ contest page on our blog.
    • Enter the GPS coordinates in the comment box, along with your name or username.
    • Click ‘Post Comment’ to submit your entry.
  4. Await the Results: The first correct post wins. The winner will be celebrated on our blog.

Rules Reminder:

  • One entry per participant.
  • Accuracy is key – ensure your coordinates are spot-on.
  • Posts on other platforms don’t count – only comments on the blog.

The Reward:

As always, the winner will be crowned the Satellite Sleuth and receive bragging rights in our community.

Get ready to explore the globe and find that tiny yet significant spot. Who will be the first to locate the smallest country by land area?

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