Sailing the Seas of Slang: My Encounter with “Ship It”

An imaginative and colorful illustration representing the journey of the slang term 'ship it' from its origins in online fandom communities to mainstream usage in everyday conversations. The image should depict a metaphorical journey, with elements like comic book style speech bubbles containing the word 'ship it,' diverse groups of people of different ages using the term in various social contexts, and symbols representing digital culture and social media. The overall theme should be playful and engaging, reflecting the evolution of language in a modern, connected world.

By Larry Billinger

In my journey through the ever-evolving lexicon of modern slang, I’ve come across terms that emerge from the most unexpected places, weaving themselves into our daily conversations. One such term that I recently discovered is “ship it,” a phrase that’s sailing from its traditional meanings into entirely new territories.

Origin and Evolution

I learned that “ship it” isn’t confined to packages and postage. Its roots are in fan communities, where “ship” is used to endorse romantic relationships between fictional characters or celebrities – a shorthand for “relationship.” But as language tends to do, it has morphed, adapting to new contexts and meanings.

In the Workplace and Beyond

My own encounter with this term was quite unexpected. At work, where my role as an IT Service Tech Lead often involves more technical jargon than trendy slang, I heard my younger colleagues use “ship it” in a completely different setting. They were discussing a potential romantic pairing between two coworkers, and the term was used to express approval of this match. This was my first dive into these unfamiliar slang waters.

Navigating the Term

How I Understand It

Through this experience, I’ve come to understand that to “ship it” means to endorse a potential relationship to support a budding romance. It’s about setting the stage for romantic possibilities, not about literal ships or sailing.

The Generational Compass

This term, I noticed, is prevalent among the younger generation, especially those in their early 20s. It’s a reminder to me, someone who’s just beginning to grasp this new wave of language, of how slang can bridge or highlight generational gaps.

The Broader Horizon

Understanding Slang in Society

This journey with “ship it” has shown me how slang reflects the fluidity of language and the influence of pop culture, particularly online fandoms, on everyday speech. It’s fascinating to see how terms evolve from niche communities to mainstream conversations, changing and taking on new meanings along the way.

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  1. Never heard it used that way before. In manufacturing, it meant “it’s good enough, just send it out”. Quite literally, ship it.

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