Kansas State vs. Missouri: KSU -5 to -7 at Missouri


By Larry Billinger

College football weekends are replete with drama, upsets, and rivalries. However, the upcoming face-off between the Kansas State Wildcats and the Missouri Tigers is not just another game; it’s a blast from the past. Both teams, original members of the storied Big 8 Conference, have a rich history of competition, making this game a revival of old rivalries. Beyond the nostalgia, this matchup is poised to be both teams’ first real test of the season, a defining moment that will give fans a clearer picture of their team’s potential.

Kansas State Wildcats

SEMO: Dominated with a 45-0 win, further solidified by SEMO’s bounce-back 45-7 victory over Lindenwood. This win demonstrates KSU’s command over a team that’s neither top-tier nor bottom-rung.
Troy: A decisive 42-13 win against a Troy team that had previously beaten Stephen F. Austin 48-30. It’s clear that while Troy may sit in the middle of the pack, KSU’s performance against them was robust and telling.

Missouri Tigers

South Dakota: Secured a 35-10 win against the Coyotes, who later managed a 24-0 shutout against St. Thomas – Minnesota. This paints a picture of Missouri’s ability to handle teams with a certain level of competitiveness.
Middle Tennessee: While the Tigers only narrowly defeated the Blue Raiders 23-19, it’s essential to note that Middle Tennessee had previously suffered a 56-7 blowout against the powerhouse Alabama.
Comparative Analysis:

Pitting SEMO against South Dakota, the analysis leans towards SEMO as the stronger team based on their comeback performance post-KSU defeat. Similarly, comparing Troy to Middle Tennessee, the former seems to be the stronger contender based on their past games.

So, What’s The Point Spread?

The past performances and comparative analysis suggest that Kansas State has shown a more dominating presence over stronger opponents relative to Missouri. An initial assessment gave a point spread of KSU -3 to -4 at Missouri. However, after a comprehensive analysis of past performances, adjusting for the Tigers’ home-field advantage, the spread seems to lean more towards KSU -5 to -7 at Missouri.

The above analysis is purely for entertainment purposes and is based on statistical evaluation and past performance, which may not be indicative of future results. The author and publisher disclaim any liability from any actions taken based on this article. All betting and decisions made based on this information are at the individual’s discretion and risk.

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